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Our Services

Synergy Cosmetic Clinic Provides Precise, Accurate & Experts Services in Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Treatments in Entire India.

Our Services

Synergy Cosmetic Clinic Provides Precise, Accurate & Experts Services in Face Surgery, Various Liposuction Treatments and Body Surgery Treatments.

Meet Dr. Natvar Patel

Cosmetic, Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Natvar Patel is an extensively trained Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in bringing science to the sculpture of beauty.</p> <p>He believes that Plastic & Cosmetic surgery is one of the most diverse, dynamic and demanding specialties in medical practice. His overall mission is to simplify cosmetic surgery and make this process a pleasant and satisfactory experience.</p> <p>He had passed his MBBS from B.J. Medical College, passed his MS from NHL Medical College in 2010, Passed his Mch Plastic Surgery from B.J. Medical College in 2013. He was trained in Cosmetic Surgery at Amrita Institute.</p> <p>He helps you to take a step towards more beautiful and confident body image of yourself with latest principles of cosmetic surgery. His broad knowledge and expertise in this field coupled with creativity and imagination is the core strength for him in achieving best results which has contributed to lives of numerous beauty enthusiasts.

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About Our Clinic

Our Philosophy

Welcome to a Synergy cosmetic clinic, providing revolutionary services in Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant that will make a huge difference to your life.

Our 5 Core Values
  • Human touch.
  • Customer focus.
  • Extreme safety in surgical procedures.
  • Passion to excel.
  • Best solution for clients.

Why Choose Us

A team of Qualified, Board certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
Most Predictable, Safe and most Advanced Techniques. World-class machines which provides you the best Solutions in latest cosmetic treatments, introduced only after assessing their safety and efficacy.
Protecting you from infection is a priority to us, so we always pay attention to general cleanliness, hygiene, disinfection, sterilization. We are maintaining proper segregation of contaminated bio-waste. So we are at ZERO infection zones.
We care for our client that is why they feel like HOME. We strongly believe that every client is an opportunity for us to serve our best services.

What Our Patients Say

I feel the same way as the other posters: the staff is incredible, Dr. Natvar is very kind and very talented, and the experience of care as well as the care itself was life-changing. I am amazed by the results and I feel like a new person.(I had a tummy tuck, and lipo)


I love my new additions! I am very appreciative of Dr. Siddharth's work and my results are definitely amazing. One of the moms at my son’s school asked me what my secret was for my breasts and I told her that secret was that I paid for them! She was completely shocked that they were implants and said they looked like they belonged to me. Her comment about how they looked natural was definitely what I wanted when searching for the perfect doctor. I am glad I found him…

Yogita Thakkar

I am so grateful to you and I thank you everyday…truly. I feel you gave me back 20 years. I was so proud on our wedding day, and not terrorized to have photos taken. I didn’t want to see an “old lady” getting married. I wanted our joy to shine through, not just our age.


plastic surgeon that was specialized in Rhinoplasty. He evaluated my needs and discussed the best options. The great aspect is that I did not feel any pain before, and after the surgery. In pre op preparation, my photographs and x rays were taken and I was warned about smoke, alcohol, and anticoagulant whereas in post op care I had a plaster like thing over my nose just for 7 to 10 days.

vipul Patel

My overall experience with Dr. Siddharth and Dr. Natvar was great! They were never once rude, always had a smile on their faces, made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I have recommended them to a few friends and family members since having my procedure, and I will continue to do so! As long as they ate still around and open I will go only to them for any further procedures!

pattu patel

I always disliked the shape of my nose. Luckily i found a best cosmetic center via Internet. Best services and care, staff, equipments and even charges were affordable. I got the desired shape of the nose and tremendous post, and pre care services.

Mr. Hetanshu

I had hair transplant surgery with Dr.Siddharth Sakhiya...and I had get experience and no pain no any kind of dismatch...this is feeling grt and surgery completed before 2 months..and the results are here....noticeable... Thanks.

Chintan Bhatt

No doubt, having a fatty body make you lose your confidence, and even affect your daily dealings. I can say this on personal experience, as from my early childhood, I have been suffering from this problem. After consulting with various doctors, I decided to go for liposuction, and now I can say that I have made the correct choice.

Rohan Sharma

Some years back, I had an accident, which resulted in a badly shaped nose. My friend recommended this Plastic Surgery Center, which proved a blessing in my life. After an examination, the surgeon suggested rhinoplasty and discussed the procedure in detail.


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