‘Nose It’ with A Rhinoplasty

Wish you had a straight, beautiful and perfectly carved nose?

If yes, then here’s your wish turning true. Synergy Cosmetics brings to you a perfect method to enhance your nose structure just in the way you want it to be. We call it Rhinoplasty (a.k.a Nose Job or Nose Surgery or Nose Reshaping) is one of the most popular and commonly carried out facial cosmetic surgeries in the world. This surgery basically involves reshaping the inner bone and cartilage of the nose to improve its shape and size for a pleasing appearance. After all, nose stands in the right middle and is the very foundation of your face. With a good nose matching your face you can drastically improve your looks.

A Beautiful Nose = Beautiful You.

Rhinoplasty in Surat

Synergy Cosmetics is the best center for Rhinoplasty in Surat holding a good success record for the nose surgeries. Our surgeons are experts in their craft and experienced in nose reshaping for the needs of the clients. Whether it’s heredity, accidental or structural abnormality, we can help you correct your nose to match your face in every way possible. We also perform nose surgery in Surat to help people with breathing problems and call this kind of surgery ‘Septoplasty’.

Do You Need A Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is for those who have a nose
1. That’s too large or too small as compared to their face
2. That’s too wide or narrow
3. That’s Crooked or Not in Center
4. That has become asymmetrical due to injury
5. With a tip that is large, bulbous, drooping or protrude
6. With nostrils that give flared or pinched look
7. With a bump on its bridge area
8. With irregular structure causing breathing problems (deviated septum or similar problems)

Above all, to have a Rhinoplasty, you need to have trust in the surgeons performing the nose surgery and realistic views for the method.

How To Approach for A Nose Surgery?

At Synergy Cosmetics, we have the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Surat whom you need to consult before going for a nose surgery. Once you take up an appointment and meet them, you need to tell them your goals, things about your nose that bother you and how you want it to be changed. Hearing out your needs, our surgeons will suggest you the way out and what needs to be done.

What Will Our Rhinoplasty Surgeons Do?

During the Rhinoplasty, our surgeons will

  1. Give you anesthesia to make you sleep during the process, so that you can be relaxed during the process.
  2. Make an external incision across the columella (open rhinoplasty) or two incisions in each nostril (closed rhinoplasty) in order to gain access to the internal nasal framework including the cartilages and the nasal bone.
  3. Reshape your nose by altering bones, soft tissues and cartilage to achieve the desired shape.

In cases, where tip is abnormal, surgeon shall perform less extensive Rhinoplasty surgery. With a small surgical process, large nostrils can also be corrected through small incisions on the outer base of nose.

What after a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

After a Rhinoplasty surgery, you can expect a beautiful nose with better features.

You will have a nose splint or external cast on your nose once the surgery is done. This splint will be removed only after one week of the surgery. Your nose will be packed with a surgical gauze for one or two days. Medications to control uneasiness and pain will be prescribed to you by the doctor. There can be some sort of swelling or bruising for two to four weeks and hence, doctor will insist you not to panic in such a case. While implants or internal sutures shall dissolve over a course of time, external sutures shall be removed after a period of time. Once the complete tissue softening process happens within your nose structure, you will get the final result of the surgery. This can take 3 to 6 months of time.

So, consult us for Rhinoplasty surgery in Surat right now and get the nose of your dreams with no hassles.


Everyone was extremely polite and professional. They did their best to make me as comfortable as possible while performing An FUE hair transplant. They answered all my questions and concerns before during and after the procedure. I am Happy.

Amit Trivedi

I have done my nose surgery with them Dr. Natvar Patel is highly qualified .The hospital is good equipped n they take good care of patients. I have good experience with them I recommended their hospital for good results n care.

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I had met Dr.Natvar Patel for concerns regarding my Nose and he really helped us well in the consultation process . Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery) was done for me and have got really good result of the Same..I was discharge in a Day and I am really Happy now.

Sonal Gajera

I am very thankful to Dr.Natvar Patel he is a wonderful sergeon and staff was always helpful and kind. best hospital for Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) treatment excellent result ..it was good experience. I am so glad I chose Synergy hospital would highly recommend to anyone.

Meet Sihora

I underwent Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) surgery by Dr. Natvar Patel at Synergy Hospital… What a result I have had ..superb ..simply great ..wonderful surgeon ,Nice staff and Nice Hospital …Highly recommended for any sort of cosmetic and plastic surgery..

Riya Patel