Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Synergy Cosmetic Surgery is a dedicated and experienced Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery facility in Surat, focused on giving the best, experimentally figured and clinically demonstrated outcomes for the best tasteful medical procedure answers for you. We aim to give the most extreme hair transplant in Surat to every individual related to us. Our experienced doctors care for people with all ages groups experiencing baldness.

Pre-Surgical Care

At the point when hair transplant is performed by hair master of hair center in Surat, Synergy Cosmetic Surgery would recommend genuine Pre usable directions that are basic to pursue preceding the medical procedure, disregarding of which can prompt serious difficulties from the medical procedure.

These are:

  • Abstain from smoking for around 24 hours before the medical procedure day.
  • Do not take any sort of liquor 3 days going before your medical procedure.
  • Try not to go for hairstyle before the medical procedure so that around 2 – 3 cm hairs are available at the giver zone for hair transplantation. 
  • Stop utilization of dosages like minoxidil before a multi-week of medical procedure on the off chance that you take any.
  • To set yourself up for the best outcomes from the system pursue this method upon the arrival of the hair transplant in Surat:
  • Do keep your scalp clean with the end goal that it must not have any kind of shower, moisturizer or oil before the medical procedure.
  • Do wash your hair appropriately with a typical cleanser.
  • Take appropriate breakfast on the morning of the medical procedure.
  • Do come on schedule or before time in the center for the medical procedure.
  • Attempt to wear simple to take off shirt or apparel which doesn’t upset hairs. Try not to wear a T-shirt.
  • Do take legitimate rest before the medical procedure.
  • You may not return home independent from anyone else after the medical procedure so orchestrate somebody to lift you following the medical procedure. Maintain a strategic distance from the self-drive after the medical procedure.

What Is Medicinal Treatment?

These techniques are used by most doctors on initial stages for reestablishing hair. At Synergy Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that drugs are equally significant in the treatment of male pattern baldness and to anticipate further harm to the current hair. There are mainly some drugs prescribed, one is Oral prescription which contains Biotin and the topical medicine containing minoxidil. This is famous for the treatment of normal male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) to help you get healed faster.

What Is Platelet Therapy (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or as it is famously called PRP treatment is a proactive helpful technique used for all patients encountering male pattern baldness. PRP is a technique that has a more significant understanding of wound and tissue recovering formula. PRP contains uncommon cells considered Platelets that can help in regrowth of the hair follicles by invigorating the immature microorganisms and different cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle which will help you recover faster. At Synergy Cosmetic Surgery, we do a careful examination of the issue and afterward, with a singular conference with the patient, we can best choose the strategy that should be taken.

What is FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation is a method that includes transplanting patient’s hair with normally gathering 1 to 4 hairs (which are called follicular units). In FUT, hair is expelled from the back of the scalp in a solitary strip with the assistance of stereo-tiny analyzation. This procedure enables the hair to look normal after the transplant.

What is FUE?

For FUE Hair Transplant in Surat, we reap singular Hair Follicles ( Grafts ) from the back of the head or other body parts and transplant them into the region of  baldness. Follicles are embedded at a quite certain point which gives normal and original Hair Transplant Results. The entire procedure happens under Local Anesthesia.

FUE gives practically imperceptible scar, so the procedure is now and then known as scar less Hair Transplant as well, so it is favored by customers who expect to have exceptionally short haircuts.

At Synergy Cosmetic Surgery in Surat, it’s finished by Plastic Surgeon which makes FUE Hair Transplantation with the best consequence of Hair Transplant in Surat.

What Is Body Hair Transplantation?

A great many people would realize that hair from the scalp is by and large utilized for transplantation purposes. Shockingly in certain patients, there isn’t sufficient hair on the scalp to use for transplantation. In such cases, it is encouraged to transplant body hair, as they are fundamentally the same as scalp hair in structure and quality. In case of less hair on the scalp, it is taken from the chest, back, legs, arms, stomach, armpits and even the face to complete the surgery successfully. Body hair is ousted using the FUE framework thusly leaving no straight scar.


When transplantation is done, the surgery will be checked twice to avoid any kind of complications in the future. The post-operation guidelines will be guided and a printed duplicate will be given to you with home exercises to be practiced. A tennis swathe is put around the scalp to cover the treated area and a baseball top or bandanna is worn at home to avoid any kind of allergy or issue.

Post-Surgical Care

After Hair Transplantation it does require time for seeing wanted outcomes and in this manner to recoup quickly with positive results specialist recommends some post usable guidance that must be trailed by the patient.

Post-surgery consideration as proposed by the specialist:

  • Do visit the center following three days after the methodology. It is because the head wash is important on this day.
  • Do wear headband for in any event 7 days after the medical procedure.
  • Try not to do any physical activities like weight lifting and so on for at any rate a month and a half post-medical procedure.
  • Post usable guidance in first week after the medical procedure:
  • Do a clean scalp with simple and delicate hands. Recall falling of not many transplanted hair is typical.

Try not to utilize oil message for in any event multi-week. Later you may do scalp message following 10 days of treatment however just 20 min before the shower.