Female to Male

Female to Male

Gender or Sex Reassignment Surgery – Female to Male

Gender transition or sex change can be a life-changing decision and hence, one needs to consider it with patience and only after in-depth analysis. However, if being a woman hurts you emotionally and mentally, if feministic characteristics of your body make you feel depressed, then considering female to male sex change surgery can be a good option. With proper guidance from our experienced doctors, you can opt for sex reassignment so that you can feel more authentic within your body. 

Many people have resolved their gender dysphoria issues with a sex change surgery that has been performed with excellent success rates all over the world till date. However, just as every other operative process, this too has got its own benefits, risks and side effects. Hence, you need to understand the process and realize what to expect from the process, prepare yourself for the permanent transition mentally and most importantly learn about the process and risks involved in it from your consulting surgeon.

Gender Reassignment Process

The individuals opting to convert themselves into male from a female body, are initially inclined to a hormone therapy with androgens to instill masculine characteristics such as body hair, beard, deeper voice and muscle mass. The patients are given tablets to induce male hormones in their body. The individual may opt for hair transplant procedures to grow beard and hair on various parts of body for masculine appearance.

The operative procedures in the process include the subcutaneous mastectomy or the top surgery and the genital transition or the bottom surgery. 

In mastectomy or breast reduction surgery, male chest is created by removing the excess breast tissue, skin, proper positioning of nipples and areola and removal of inframammary fold.

The next step is the masculinizing genitoplasty or creation of male genitalia. This procedure utilizes skin tissue from stomach, hand or labia to create a male penis. Here the uterus and ovaries are removed to create a penis and scrotum instead.

So, if you have any gender identity issues, or if you feel you belong to the opposite gender not to the one you are by birth, then visit our center for sex change surgery in Surat. Our specialist surgeons will guide you the best and help you out with a smoother transition process for a happier life ahead.