Transform Yourself from ‘FAT’ to ‘FIT’ with Liposuction

  • Is obesity bothering you?
  • Unable to fit into the clothes that you like wearing?
  • Being a victim to harsh unpleasant comments regarding your excessively fat body?
  • Tried everything (exercise, diet and medications) to shed off your extra fat, but, in vain?

Then, liposuction can be your way out for sure.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that will help you shed off excess fat that has always bothered you. With lipoplasty, you can now get rid of unwanted fat deposits accumulated in your body which you tried hard all these years but failed to lose through exercise and diet.

Liposuction in Surat

We at Synergy Cosmetics can help you get into the shape that you had only dreamt of. As, we target the undesired cellulite accumulations in your body with advanced process at our center for liposuction in Surat, we help you tone your body so that you can move out more confident and fit.

Whether you have a large tummy or a huge butt, heavy sagging arms or a double chin, fat calves or a heavy bust, our process of liposuction in Surat can help you correct all of these. We can help you sculpt every part of your body so that you can achieve an attractive figure.

What’s Exactly Done During The Liposuction Process?

Before the process actually starts, circles and lines are marked on the areas that need to be treated. The process starts by inducing anesthesia. Then tiny cuts of less than half a centimeter are made in the areas that are marked and thin small tipped tubes are then inserted through these incisions and special fluid is injected in the area with excess fat, after some time fat becomes liquified. The fat is then suctioned out from the body through these tubes.

Today, liposuction has become much easier, lesser painful and a safer process than it was earlier. Thanks to the advancements taken place in medical arena.

After The Process

Your incisions may be left open with sutures fixed so that the excessive fluid can be drained out. We insist our patients to wear compression garments to curb down the swelling effect. Do not panic in case of pain, swelling and bruising after the procedure as this is a common thing. You will be required to take your prescribed medications just as insisted on regular basis in order to avoid any sort of infection and curb down the pain. Rest is good for a few days and avoid stressful activities. You can however resume back to your work after few days or weeks only after consulting us. The area that is treated will appear lean than before within some period of time and for this result to long last you need to hook up to healthy process of eating and exercising.

We shall be available for our patients 24* 7 in case you need to fix an appointment for conusltation, have any problem or doubts to clear with us