Male to Female

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Male to Female

Sex Change or Sex Reassignment Surgery – Male to Female

You might have heard about the people being referred to as ‘transgenders’. These are the people who have undergone a sex change surgery because of gender identity disorder also known as gender dysphoria. The people with this disorder are always stressed and uncomfortable about their physical characteristics or gender qualities. They feel that they are born in the wrong gender while they may identify themselves more as the opposite gender. Hence, sex change helps these individuals transform their physical elements to their desired gender and live the life in a desired way. If you are also one among such individuals then just visit our center for sex change surgery in Surat for further guidance. We will help you without fail.

Male to Female Sex Reassignment Process

In male to female conversion, reconstruction of genitalia is an essential process. The testicles and much of the penis area is removed or cut to form a functional vagina from the penis tissue. The urethra is shortened and labia around the vagina is formed from scrotal skin.

Breasts are essential assets of a female body and hence, one of the most important things for male to female sex change is the breast enlargement with silicone implants. A male will have to undergo breast enlargement surgery in order to develop feminine characteristics with breasts.

Male body has much hair growth on different parts of body like chest, stomach, hands, face etc., as compared to the female ones. Hence, while transformation from male to female, one has to undergo laser hair removal treatment as well in order to remove the undesired hair all over and curb down its growth.

 We also perform hip and thigh enlargement process where fat tissue from tummy is removed through liposuction and injected into the buttocks or thighs to create volume at these areas. This is also called fat grafting or fat injection process.

Men who have larger tummy, can tone it down for a feminine appearance with a liposuction treatment and opt for various procedures like rhinoplasty, face lift, neck lift, skin resurfacing and many more to change the appearance of their nose, eyes, neck, adam’s apple etc.

Sex Reassignment in Surat

If you are a man feeling distressed and uncomfortable about your gender or if you wish to get yourself converted into a transwoman, then visit our center for sex reassignment in Surat for proper guidance and consultation.