MUMMY MAKE OVER –  Want To Get Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Shape? Just ‘Tuck Up’ with A Tummy Tuck!

Being a woman, there are several things to bother you post pregnancy and most common of all are the scary loosened muscles around your abdominal wall, the ugly-looking sagged skin, and the useless fat around your tummy that just won’t budge any way. Every time you look into the mirror, you hate your appearance and the desire to get back in your earlier shape rises strongly. But many a times, in spite of all the pains that you take to exercise at a gym and compromise with your food, it’s still doesn’t pay off to you. Well, in this case, we suggest you not to lose hope and talk to our doctors if you can have a tummy tuck surgery done.

Synergy Cosmetics is one of the best centers for tummy tuck surgery in India today with all the ultra-modern facilities and top-class surgeons with vast experience of performing the process. Based on your requirements and constraints like how much stretched is your skin or muscles, how much fat needs to be removed etc., our surgeons shall suggest you the right process that needs to be performed to give you the most desired results. There are mainly two variations of the process performed at our center for tummy tuck surgery in Surat – mini tummy tuck and full or classic abdominoplasty.

While mini tummy tuck is a minimal invasive process where a short single cut is made near the abdomen to remove excess fat and tighten up the muscles around the abdominal wall. This is a quick recovery and short process where achieving a slimmer flat tummy is just so easy like nothing’s happened.

On the other side, the classic method is the one where bigger  cut is made to perform the process. In some cases the cut is made around the navel to get the most desired results.

However be the process performed, you are sure to get your old flat and smoother tummy back. The feeling of being able to wear anything you like and flaunt your body with swimsuits is just beyond the world. So, if you are a mom with a desire to get back to your pre-pregnancy body shape, then you should visit our center for abdominoplasty in Surat to give wings to your dreams. Consult our doctors to know more about the process, recovery and more.

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